The world is in constant flux, business and human relations are multiplying and have grown rapidly on both a European and worldwide level. Whether you’re a company or a private individual, you will be increasingly called upon to communicate with people living in foreign countries, speaking languages you may not yourself master – the possibility for mistakes and misunderstandings is ever present. Global Lingua Services can come to your aid with its multinational team of experienced translators. We can translate your documents, letters, reports, official documents, industrial and commercial projects, or your internet site. This is only a small part of our core business. You can also count on us for legalITcommercialindustrial and financial translations.

For forwarding translations of official documents to different authorities, Global Lingua Services has a network of sworn translators at its disposal. Given the increasingly international nature of business, it is highly likely you will often be asked to forward official documents, written in the official language of the countries where you are developing your activities.

Global Lingua Services translates all texts for you, irrespective of the source or target language, in all the languages of the European Community as well as in a multitude of other languages. For each translation we have an in-house translator experienced in the particular field of the text to be translated. For instance, manuals for the use of software programs or documents concerning human rights will be translated by translators having acquired a significant knowledge in that specific field. By trusting your documents to proven specialists, we guarantee work of the highest quality for each and every translation.


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