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Today our company is an expert in technical translation in French, English and Dutch, medical translation, orthopaedic translation, legal translation, multilingual translation, website translation and simultaneous translation.

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Global Lingua Services

Global Lingua Services is one of the top translation agencies in Brussels.
Specialist in technical translations, document translations, professional translations, simultaneous interpreting, rental and installation of interpreting equipment, organisation of multilingual seminars.


Present in Europe for more than 12 years. We operate a worldwide network of professional freelance translators specialising in all types of translation, interpreting and all the languages of the European Union as well as non-European languages.


Whether you are in Brussels, Paris, Luxembourg, Geneva or Strasbourg we have a huge range of language combinations (French <> English <> Dutch <> German <> Italian <> Spanish <> Arabic <> Chinese).


In order to meet our ever-increasing growth, we are constantly looking for freelance translators for European languages, as well as for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Turkish.


A translation agency located in the heart of Brussels, GLS is a reference in the field of technical translation and simultaneous interpretation.


    Translation and interpreting agency in Brussels

    Supplier of multilingual interpreters, interpreters for international conferences, interpreters for European organisations, simultaneous interpreters, whispering interpreters, speaker interpreters...

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    For your translations, respecting quality and deadlines are our priority.

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    As a language evolves, texts in an earlier version of the language – original texts or old translations – can become difficult for modern readers to understand. Such a text can be translated

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    Specialising in the organisation of multilingual seminars and conferences, we take care of everything, from the booking of conference interpreters to the hire of the room and the provision of interpreting equipment (headsets, booths, microphones…).

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