Simultaneous Interpretation

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In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreters (usually two for each working language of the meeting) are in a booth equipped with interpretation equipment from which they simultaneously translate the speakers’ speeches.

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The interpreter works from a soundproof booth, the speaker uses a microphone in the room; the interpreter hears the speech through his headphones and reproduces the message almost instantly through the microphone. Each participant selects the channel corresponding to the language in which he or she wishes to listen to the interpretation.

Chuchotage is a variant of simultaneous interpreting without technical equipment. The interpreter follows the speeches in the room and translates by whispering into the ear of his or her delegate.

Sign language interpreting is used for communication between deaf and hearing people. It can be simultaneous or consecutive.

Our interpreters guarantee that the speeches are interpreted as faithfully as possible into the different languages of the meeting. Sorted by their competence and experience, our interpreters demonstrate flexibility, culture, analytical skills and a perfect command of the languages concerned.