For your multilingual conferences, we have a team of stand-by interpreters for a large number of language combinations. Our teamof proven specialists is eminently capable of offering you a wide variety of services:

Simultaneous interpretation : stationed in a high-tech booth, the interpreters (usually two, one for each target language), interpret simultaneously the discourse made by speakers at a conference. Listeners are able to appreciate the interpretations via a headset connected with the interpreters’ microphone.

Consecutive interpretation : the speaker talks for a number of minutes and gives the interpreter the opportunity to transpose this discourse into the target language.

“L’interprétation de liaison” is ideal for business or informal meetings between a small number of participants. The interpreter’s role is indispensable for optimal communication between company representatives and their clientele, and greatly facilitates negotiations.

Integration and preparation of the interpretation

As a reinforcement for your team to reach is commercial and communication goals, the interpreter you chose to work with will most likely be faced with acronyms and technical or political terms with which he will need to be intimately familiar. Preparing him for these cases beforehand will increase his efficiency in accomplishing his mission.

In order for interpreters to comfortably prepare for their work, we ask that you provide us with information related to the sector in which your company and its products are active before the interpreter starts his tasks. If for example you could provide a summary transcript of the planned meeting and explain certain specific words in your vocabulary, he will be able to better understand your requirements.

Why choose Global Lingua Services?

  • All of our interpreters are educated, qualified and tested.
  • Our interpreters are carefully selected according to your sector of activities.
  • Project leaders take charge of the assignment from start to finish in order to guarantee a fluent communication.

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